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Our New Site

     We know most of you must be wondering what's happened to some product pages not currently being displayed. Some products page might be unavailable due to the fact that we are migrating them to our new site: This is new site is intended to list  the online inventory that were not displayed in Just like the later shopping site, we'll be constantly adding products as they become available in our physical store. Please feel free to check both sites on a daily basis, as some products don't last for long.

    We also would like to thank those of you who've supported and purchased from Also those of you who have recommended their loved ones into this site. Your support has enabled us to open our second online store, therefore it's our main goal to provide prompt and fast delivery upon payment approval. 

    As we note orders placed by each customer, we'll be emailing monthly vouchers/coupons specifically targeted to the products previously purchased. Please check your email inbox for products targeted discounts.

Once Again Thank You for supporting Us.